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Dr. von Tobel is double boarded in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain management and soon to be triple boarded in sport medicine. He has specialty training in traumatic brain injury, ultrasound-guided injections as well as multiple interventional and minimally invasive operative procedures of the spine and musculoskeletal system.  Dr. von Tobel’s 6 years of surgical training allows him to be extremely comfortable with the Institute for Florida Pain Specialists multidisciplinary approach to interventional pain management.

“I am happy to finally return home to warm and sunny Jacksonville and to build a multi-disciplinary team of talented providers."

Dr. Travis Randall von Tobel, MD MA

Specializes in interventional Sport, Spine, & Pain Management with a strong emphasis in nutritional and bone health and alternative medicine. My philosophy is "Find a problem, Fix a problem."

​I'm a double board certified interventional sports, spine, & pain management physician with traumatic brain injury training and a masters in nutrition. I believe in comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to your pain.

I can help you.

Ask about Regenerative Medicine and Oxygen Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Dr. Travis Randall von Tobel, MD MA
Tim Sharpe, PA Pain Specialist
Darlene von Tobel, ARNP Pain Specialist
Erin Wolff, MD Pain Specialist
Shannon Riley The Practice Manager for TIFFPS & FPS
Tim Kriehn, MA
Jordyn Smith MA for TIFFPS & FPS
Woodrow Gall MA for TIFFPS & FPS
Ashley Lanster for TIFFPS & FPS
Michael Burns New Patient Corrdinator for TIFFPS & FPS 
Gabby  Director of First Impression for TIFFPS & FPS


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